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Price: 28 307 825 RUB Sale
8 floor of 9 total
Total square:
53 m2
We offer a new apartment in a modern and elegant residential complex in Rome, close to the Terme di Caracalla and park Caffarella, surrounded by greenery with equipped parks and playgrounds.Not far from the complex is Art.Garbatella Metro.Luxury residential complex is built using high quality materials and modern technology and sound insulation.For a more rational use of natural resources used: solar panels for water heating and storage of rainwater.Typology 1.Apartment Space.53 sq m.Comprising of hall, room with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and terrace.Additionally possible to buy a garage.
Baths of Caracalla (Italian:.Terme di Caracalla) - Emperor Caracalla Baths in Rome, officially referred to as the terms Antoninianus (lat.Thermae Antoninianae).They were in the Appian Way, for Kapenskimi gate, between Aventine and Tseliem.Construction began in 212 AD, n.e.and was completed in the year 217 after the death of the Emperor.Baths of Caracalla yard has a size of 400 to 400 m, the central complex - 150 to 200 m.Wikipedia.
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